Gambling risk subject introduced in British schools

Starting in September, UK schools will introduce a compulsory course that will educate secondary school students about the risks of gambling and addiction treatment. This decision was made because a study showed that 55,000 children, some of whom are 11 years old, suffer from gambling addiction.

Education will be part of a comprehensive educational program PSHE, which is designed to prepare children for life and work in modern Britain, maintain health and acquire the necessary skills.

As part of the program, students will, for example, need to assess the difference in risk between spending £10 on the lottery a week and playing slot machines every day.

Awareness of the negative consequences of uncontrolled play should help children make better decisions in the future. The CEO of GambleAware noted that only a few teenagers are told about the risks of gambling and the signs of addiction.

The curriculum also contains information about the difference between online and land-based gambling. And the fact that online casinos can lead to the same disastrous consequences as real establishments. It is also known that the main emphasis will be placed on online gambling, as it is the most accessible.

The problem of minors who are fond of gambling has been raised more than once. And it's not just paranoia. Last year, it was determined that the operators are targeting not only teenagers, but even children who are no more than six years old. And according to a survey conducted in October 2019, 11% of teenagers from 11 to 16 years old answered that they gambled last week.

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