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Mystic Hive

Play Mystic Hive Slot

Mystic Hive is another bee-themed slot from developers Betsoft.

The Mystic Hive slot machine is inspired by industrious bees, as is the latest slot from the same developer The Hive. This time, the bees in the company of fireflies will have to work hard in order to collect nectar, and most importantly, bring you winnings.

Play Mystic Hive slot machine for free

The Mystic Hive slot machine uses an unusual scheme resembling a honeycomb. The symbol height is arranged as follows: 3, 4, 5, 4, 3. The slot has 30 pay lines arranged horizontally or diagonally in Mystic Hive.

You can join the worker bees and fireflies on all compatible devices by choosing a bet from 0.10 to 90 euros per spin. You can play Mystic Hive slot in manual and auto mode. Also, if desired, you can activate fast spins.

Bonus Features of Mystic Hive Slot Machine

In the Mystic Hive slot machine, all bonus features are triggered by the appearance of fireflies flying around the hive. Fireflies appear randomly and also randomly disappear. Below you will see the features associated with each of the fireflies.

  • Green Firefly - This firefly increases the number of other fireflies that fly around the hive. In fact, it doesn't do anything directly, its presence increases the chances that you will activate other functions.
  • Yellow Firefly - This firefly provides a multiplier that also increases the number of yellow fireflies hovering around the hive. Each firefly increases the multiplier by 1.
  • Red Fireflies - These fireflies carry nectar pots. When they emerge, they pour the contents of their pots into the nectar meter. And if the entire counter is full, you will be eligible for the free spins round.

Free spins - is activated if you fill the nectar meter located on the right side. You will be awarded 5 free spins in total. During the free spins, 1, 2 or 3 Honey Burst spread symbols will appear on the grid. Wilds will spread from their starting position to adjacent spaces on the grid after each spin. This will happen on each of the rotations.

In conclusion, it is worth saying that Mystic Hive (Mystical Hive) is very similar to the last release of The Hive. Both models have the same features, themes and the game grid, with the slight difference that in this slot the features are activated by fireflies and not by bees.

Mystic Hive slot screenshots