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Norway is an unusual country when it comes to the gambling industry. The state is not part of the European Union, therefore independently establishes rules and prohibitions. As a result, running a gambling business in Norway is extremely expensive and uncomfortable. This leads to an increase in commissions and the introduction of all sorts of limits. Due to such phenomena, many players look for a casino where they can play for Norwegian krone outside of Norway. And there are plenty to choose from!

Krona is far from the last currency in the world, which is why it is popular among casinos. The choice is large, so you can easily choose the most suitable institution for yourself. However, remember about certain rules and recommendations that you need to follow when choosing the best place to play.

Casino evaluation for Norwegian krone play

The first is the most obvious: make sure that the institution accepts such a currency at all. On the site of any casino there is a section with information on financial matters. There you will also see data on the commission and the payment systems used. If you have the opportunity, use the world-famous account replenishment systems. For example Skrill. Such systems have a good reputation, and their representatives quickly resolve disputes.

Remember the banal precautions: always check the license of the casino, and also look at reviews about it on the Internet. Before you start playing, make sure that your region is not subject to any prohibition in a particular casino.

The game itself for Norwegian kroner is no different from other currencies. Place bets, withdraw funds, re-deposit money - all this is done without restrictions in most casinos.

About the Crown of Norway

The national currency of the Norwegian state consists of 100 ore. Such money began to be used in 1875, when Norway became a member of the Scandinavian Monetary Union. The kroon replaced the spesidaler, the currency that was used earlier. Until 1917, the money of Denmark and Sweden was also used in everyday life. In fact, they left the Norwegian market only in 1924.

Today, the smallest denomination of the Norwegian krone is 50. The largest banknote is 1000 kroner. The modern krone is relatively volatile, as it is highly dependent on the cost of oil. In addition, the volatility of the price of the currency is facilitated by the fact that the government uses a floating exchange rate. Collapse

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